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 +====== Contact Us ======
 +===== Vettuva gounder worldwide organization =====
 +^Scope ^Name ^Profile ^Contact^
 +|International Chair |Mr. P.VadiVel |Patron of Kannappar Kalai Mandram, Actively organsing yearly facilitation for the outstanding students and helping community people KKM was existing for 20 years |vadivel@vettuvagounder.org|
 +|International Vice Chair |Prof. Nageswaran |Former Mathematics professor of Gobi arts colleage. Helping and guiding the community students 30 years of educational service to the society |Nages@vettuvagounder.org|
 +|UnitedKingdom Chair |Mr.Appan KH |UK Citizen and helping the peoples for education 30 years in Indian PSU and currently UK Entrepreneur |appankh@vettuvagounder.org|
 +|United States Chair |Mr.Chandran Ramasamy |US Citizen and helping the peoples for education 19 years in US IT industry |chandran@vettuvagounder.org|
 +|Moderator |Mr.Anand Vaidvel|Young & dyanamic Organiser forIT initiatives for vettuvagounder|anand471@vettuvagounder.org|
 +|Convener |Mr.Mohan Kumara Vel |Volunteer for IT initatives for vettuvagounder commmunity 20 Years in IT& Networking Industry |mohanv@vettuvagounder.org|