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 +==கொங்கு வேட்டுவக்கவுண்டர் மாநில மாநாட்டின் நோக்கம் பார்க்கவும்==
 +Kongunadu ​ Vettuvagounder sangam & Youth fedaration is driven by Gounder Iya  Alias   Thriu Marudumuth gounder. ​
 +Most energetic Politically driven group.
 +They are inviting for a meeting ​ 20 th july in Nallur Punjay Puliampattion. You can see the inivitation below.
 +{{:​pdfsam_kongu.pdf| Invitation for Nallur 20th July}}
 +This is summary of news cutting on Jan 2011 meeting held in  Erode
 +{{:​mahi_1_.pdf| ​ Recent ​ January Meeting Minutes as reported in News paper}}